Custom Adult Coloring Book

For an upcoming wedding or retirement party, forget the gift registry with its variety of household items that may be necessary but are far from a noteworthy memory.

Celebrate the day of celebration with a custom People coloring book. We replace the first subject in the book with your subject. It includes an article and illustration that features the weirdness of the newly married couple or the honored retiree.

Our artists create original illustrations in black-and-white outlines in the same style used in our coloring books. Your profile of the weird honorees leads to a draft article for your review. We combine the book with your article and illustration, update the table of contents, and add the likeness to the book cover as he/she looks out the rear window with glee.

When you give guests a custom coloring book featuring the honored guests, you create a memory with legs that last far longer than the table centerpiece. You agree to purchase a minimum of a dozen copies. We will hold onto your original work for one year to deliver additional copies if you extend the gift to other purposes.