For the Well Endowed Man, Longhorn underwear is a new breed of briefs. It is a 100 percent flex cotton blend, but what goes inside matters.

You Know Who You Are

The fascination with men’s underwear is widespread in society. For bathroom convenience, everyday wear, special fabrics, and drop flaps may seem nice but fail at the most basic male needs.

Men under forty experience about three unwanted erections each day. Our front and center erector deflector stops the battle over the bulge and the need for games of pocket pool to adjust, adjust, and adjust.

Every set of gonads is different. Some are bound tightly to the body, while others hang like grapes on a trellis. Some lean to the left while others hang to the right. Our sack rack is designed to adjust to a man’s body type, so left or right-leaning, high or low-hanging, his special package rides on comfort all day long.